Bricks for Garden wall bonds

Walls, such as garden walls, that are to be finished fairface both sides and built 1 B thick are often built in one of the garden wall bonds.
Because of the variations in size and shape of many facing {bricks} it is difficult to finish a 1 B wall fairface both sides because of the differences in length of bricks that are bonded through the thickness of the {wall}.
Garden wall bonds are designed specifically to reduce the number of through headers to minimise the labour in selecting bricks of roughly the same length for use as headers.
Usual garden wall bonds are three courses of stretchers to every one course of headers in English garden wall bond and one header to every three stretchers in Flemish garden wall bond, as illustrated in Fig. 59.
The reduction in the number of through headers does to an extent weaken the through bond of the brickwork. This is of little consequence in a freestanding garden wall. Other combinations such as two or four stretchers to one header may be used.

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