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branch vent

1. A vent connecting one or more individual vents with a vent stack or stack vent. 2. A vent pipe to which are connected two or more pipes that vent plumbing fixtures.


1. A small finishing nail, usually of the same thickness throughout, with a head that is almost flush with the sides or a head that projects slightly to one side. 2. …


1. A metal or wood member which is used to stiffen or support a structure; a strut which supports or fixes another member in position or a tie used for the same …


1. A box-like enclosure or recess at the side of a window frame that receives a boxing shutter when the shutter is folded and pulled back. 2.A cased frame. 3. The mixing …


1. A rustic dwelling, generally of small scale and picturesque nature. 2. In a large  medieval residence, the private chamber of the lady. 3. A sheltered recess in a garden.